KAC is a social, cultural, sporting and charitable club, with plenty of weekly events on during the year covering all these aspects. With weekly sports and cultural sessions and our main event on the weekends, we are one of the most active clubs at the University. Fast forward 21 years, and we have over 1000 members!


The club hopes to foster long-lasting friendships and celebrate the cultural diversity among students in New Zealand. We provide the ultimate network of friends and welcome everybody of any social and cultural background.


If you’ve only just joined KAC, don’t be worried! The club puts on team-based events for people to meet each other, and we have new members attending every week. Our old members will be more than happy to show you the ropes, and our friendly Exec team will help you along the way.


In 2012, KAC proudly won the awards for the AUSA General Club of the Year and the AUSA Supreme Club of the Year. And in both 2015 and 2021, KAC took the crown for the Cultural Club of the Year. 






Let's hear it for our president, Jesslyn!

An incredible, outgoing and down to earth person - a true Scorpio by heart. In need of a fun fact? She's got you covered. 


Just don't get her going on Taylor Swift - you'll be talking for hours. Though a trip to Tsujiri for anything matcha or red bean might keep her quiet!

At uni, she's a biology and psychology student with a passion for ecology and conservation. Reckon you're good at Geocaching or Geoguessr? She'll make you think again...

While intimidating on the outside (trust me, you don't want to see her with a stick), she's a softie for teddy bears and plushies. Just go check out her Instagram account @beary!

Finally, she's a proud Westie, but don't get her started on transport times. The UoA toilets are already bad enough.

Want to know more? Just come to any of our KAC events and say hi! You'll be blown away by how awesome she really is. 




Need someone to count on?

Well, he'll count your money for sure!

Arthur is the guy you will come upon

When you come to pay at the door. 

A man of few words he may seem (Those mainly being "okay" and "yes")

But he is a key part of our team -

Without him, we would be a mess...

He don't know about you, but he's feeling 22 (this year)!

Arthur's personality is ESTJ-A, a true Executive. 

That tells you he is someone to revere, 

A two-year veteran KAC representative. 

You'll never see him blame it on the alcohol, 

His high tolerance is unbeatable. 

Designated driver would be his role - 

Once he passes his restricted he will. 

Spot him in his monochrome Nike clothes, 

Working at Computer Lounge or playing table pool, 

Or cooking up a storm in the kitchen he goes, 

Coffee, green V or absinthe in his range of fuels. 

So if you see him, feel free to greet him

He is always down to have a good yarn

Enjoy some catchy tunes like Zimzalabim

Excited for you to come along and join the fun!



External Relations

William Zou, A real nice guy!

Super chill energy you might like

See him at an event, then go say hi!

Don't know what to say?

Here are some things you could try.

He plays guitar, but only on the casual

Just this summer, he learned unravel

So, if you like anime, or playing guitar

That's a conversation you could start!

In the gym, is where you might catch him, 

But gaining knowledge is his one true passion. 

Don't try to sue him, he'll make you pay

Studying law conjoint, at UoA

Soon to be lawyer, he makes his case

Brain and brawn, has both to aid.

If you like TV shows, you'll know who to call

Be it Korean drama or Better Call Saul

Or the classic, The Office, he's seen it all

Talk to him about that and have a ball!

But there is so much more to know 

About our ER, William Zou

So have a go, and make some conversation

A cool new friend, you might just be making. 




Hello hello, it's Aysun, 

your new I.T. exec. 

I bet you have questions - 

No KAC doesn't do cheques.

I study Commerce

And Global Studies too

A woman of many talents

I grow plants it's true.

People say that I'm wise

Very mature for my age

When it comes to drinks tho

I am not yet a sage. 

So come say hi

If you want to know more

You'll be glad you did

I'm a 100 percent sure. 





Introducing our bubbly new Marketing rep Lisa! 

Need that boba fix? Just head to Gongcha and she's got you covered with that 5-star customer Tearista service!

She's majoring in Accounting and Infosys, 

So you know she knows how to make the big bucks with that big brain!

She's even got a DUX award to prove it!

She's a Southie girl, so you know who to call when you need a South Auckland guide!

The life of the party you bet she is and you best believe she will drink you under the table!

With that full license, you'll catch her zooming down the Southern motorway all the time - catch her if you can!

So come through and say hi, 

Don't be afraid to ask her for some help, 

She'll welcome you with a most friendly smile!





Hey Alexa, play 'Empire State of Mind' by JZ...


Yeah, I'm writing bout J.Z., not the rapper JAY-Z

Just the bilingual, software engi boy from Beijing 

Sippin' qq passion fruit and, cooking up meals

He can cook a flame anywhere, yeah, he's a flame everywhere

He listens to some music, he really like da Alan Walker, now he's into edm

Turning to the rhythm, see him clicking to karaoke

Maybe you'll see him play piano, like the next Mozart 

He's also digitally creative, the next Van Gogh

Shout to his work, his media role defines that

He, he out on that insta, if I can't convince ya

Now, follow his account to go see what I'm talking about 

Say bonjour to France, cause you might see JZ there 

Vieiwin' the louvre, like you might see his fav, colour blue on display 

He, a, real artist, n a gamer you can tell, 

If he's wearing black, definitely go up and say 

Hi JZ(eeEEeeEhhh) 



Social Cultural

No longer counting coins, but feasting on sirloins, gold ole Cody Liu rejoins as our Social Cultural Rep!!!

As the eldest in the group, I must say he makes up the troop. And though he's not like Einstein, he is quite divine. 

With the ability to sing, dance, act AND study a PhD, no one makes it seem as easy Mr Liu. 

He has a charismatic personality, that will automatically make you feel at home. And not to be dramatic, but if you ever roam around Cody, there's no need for Google Chrome. 

Mention One8Tea and he'll giddy with glee, so if you ever need a food buddy, he'll agree by three. 

Last but not least, if you ask him to dance to Likey, he'll reply with Yes or Yes. Want to test this theory? Come to our events and without a doubt, you'll find out!!!



AESIR Representative / Secretary

Alright, I'm sure you know Josh, he's a really cool guy, 

Playing sports such as cricket shooting balls to the sky. 

If you haven't met him yet, 

I'm afraid you don't have a choice, 

Because no one can't miss his angelic karaoke voice. 

This man got steez, fresh out of Tommy Hilfiger,

Probably a future model, got looks that are killer. 

With interest in Kdrama, Kpop, and Korean food, 

Spending time with him is always gonna be a good mood. 

Some might say he's a lil koreaboo, maybe he'll be the next Park Seo-joon. 

10, 11, Twelve is where he'll be. Drinking all the soju, he be spinning 360 degrees. 

Doing a Conjoint in B Commerce as well as B Science, I'm sure he'll B the best for notes to supply us.


Josh is the AESIR Rep and Secretary, 

If he were a snack,  he would be some sort of confectionery. 

So yeah he's sweet, so make sure you say "HI", 

Because like I said before, he's a really cool guy! 





Just stop for a minute and settle in, for I'll tell you a tale of Leon TG. 

Be it football or badminton, there ain't nothin he can't win, 

A sports exec to beat, if you can handle the heat. 

But weight, there's more! He's muscles galore, just adding to the lore of KAC's Man-o-war.

It's not just muscles that make the man, 

He's an architecture major, with an eye for design, 

Just take a look at his art with colours so bright, it'll have you thinking all day and night.

Always keen for karaoke, and drinks with the boys

He's the heart of the party as much as he is arty.

Whether it be grinding out league or rolling in Genshin, his chill vibes will have you second guessing. 

Life's not a drama, but he'll have you fooled, so say hi to Leon, he's an amazing guy, just don't be surprised when he catches your eye. 




AESIR Representative / Photographer

Say hi to our photographer and AESIR co-chair

Her name is Alysha, if you weren't already aware!

You might see her sometimes playing pool at Cue City

She's the most skilled player out of our exec committee!

While she's a basketball fan and has a black belt in karate, 

We can't also forget that she loves a good party :) 

With her quadruple major in her conjoint degree, 

It's fair to say that she's smart, wouldn't you agree?

If you see her snapping some pics at any KAC event,  

Make sure to say hi to Alysha, it will be time well spent! 



The club was formed in 2001, with a membership of 150 members. Fast forward 21 years and the club now has over 1000 members!


Past executive teams: 

  • 2021  

    • Jasica Chiu, Cody Liu, Cesar Estoconing, Sam Tian, Nancy Guo, Arthur Yong, Jesslyn Chen, James Speakman, Alysha Sisepi-Liew 

  • 2020

    • Jaeho So, Ruth Ha, Brandon Wong, Rebecca Hu,  Mikayla Sayat, Daniella Pereira, Jasica Chiu, Cody Liu, Cesar Estoconing

  • 2019

    • Michael Wu, Jonathon Xu, Job Faundo, Ruth Ha, Leanne Lee, Rebecca Hu, Shanti Truong-George, Jaeho So, Brandon Wong

  • 2018

    • Joshua Young, Leanne Lee, Shanti Truong-George, Michael Wu, Ashleigh Young, Job Faundo, Jonathon Xu, Jonathan Soulsby, Shino Ikeda​

  • 2017

    • Jonathan Soulsby, Guykit Lang, Ashleigh Young, Shino Ikeda, Cindy Qiu, Jonathon Xu, Joshua Young, Leanne Lee​

  • 2016

    • Guyhei Lang, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guykit Lang, Brenda Phu, Sandra Chan, Jonathan Soulsby​

  • 2015

    • Dennis Zhang, Maysie Chan, Val Ong, Leon Chan, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guyhei Lang​

  • 2014

    • Khwan Ong, Victor Yim, Cammy Leung, Maysie Chan, Guyhei Lang, Guyon Lang, Dennis Zhang​

  • 2013

    • Victor Yim, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Eugenia Ng, Khwan Ong, Horace Yeung, Cammy Leung​

  • 2012

    • Eugenia Ng, Seb Cheng, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Leon Shen, Gary Wang, Victor Yim​

  • 2011

    • Joni Lee, Josh Tan, Seb Cheng, Jeremy Tan, Eugenia Ng, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Tony Tung​

  • 2010

    • Josh Tan, Danny Chang, Tony Tung, Amy Jarm, Alice Chan, Yingyan Zhou, Joni Lee​

  • 2009

    • Winner Tian, Danny Chang, Josh Tan, Darren Poh, Kathryn Cho, Anzie Huynh, Allen Yip​

  • 2008

    • Tim Chung, Sang Lee, Marcus Chan, Danny Chang, Winner Tian, Kathryn Cho, Bettina Tran​

  • 2007

    • Suzanne Law, Tim Chung, Michael Ng, Paul Hy, Winner Tian, Sang Lee, Ben Limisella​

  • 2006

    • Kelvin Chu, Michael Ng, Suzanna Law, Logan Wong, Ben Limisella, Arielle Tai, Tim Chung​

  • 2005

    • Ngok Ung, Kelvin Chu, Mikee Sue, Ben Chiu, Suzanne Law, Ronald Navera​

  • 2004

    • Ken Ginn, Ngok Ung, Sarah Young, Gordon Tarm, Emily Chan, Kelvin Chu, Jenny Te​

  • 2003

    • Jason Kwan, Kelvin Chu, Emily Chan, Gordon Tarm, Jenny Te, Ken Ginn, Gordon Wong​

  • 2002

    • Wingki Ng, Janine Chung, Jason Kwan, Ken Ginn, Linda Louie, Rose Lee​

  • 2001

    • Gina Cheung, Jason Kwan, Janine Chung, Wingki Ng​