KAC is a social, cultural, sporting and charitable club, with plenty of weekly events on during the year covering all these aspects. With weekly sports and cultural sessions and our main event on the weekends, we are one of the most active clubs at the University. Fast forward 20 years, and we have over 1000 members!


The club hopes to foster long-lasting friendships and celebrate the cultural diversity among students in New Zealand. We provide the ultimate network of friends and welcome everybody of any social and cultural background.


If you’ve only just joined KAC, don’t be worried! The club puts on team-based events for people to meet each other, and we have new members attending every week. Our old members will be more than happy to show you the ropes, and our friendly Exec team will help you along the way.


In 2012, KAC proudly won the awards for the AUSA General Club of the Year and the AUSA Supreme Club of the Year. 






Drum roll please for this year’s president...

A Jetts and Engineering building resident...

Rain or shine, no matter what’s the weather,

The face of KAC has got her sh*t together!


She’s the whole package with beauty and brains,

Her killer discipline is what fuels her gains.

Champagne’s got nothin on her bubbly disposition,

Finding someone more hype is an impossible mission!


 You might be wondering this dear reader,

Hmm, what makes her such a great leader?

Is it her determination or sense of fun?

Or the work ethic that makes her the one?


The answer my friend is all of the above!

The real question is what’s not to love, 

About the lovely and kind Miss Jasica Chiu -

An exceptional president through and through!





Let me tell you a bit about Mr Cody Liu,

A multitalented man and our treasurer too!


He makes a PHD in electrical engineering look easy,

When he's at KAC events he doesn’t even look sleepy!


A musician, an artist and even a singer,

You can tell at Karaoke that Cody isn’t a beginner


Sometimes you might mistake him for our president Miss Chiu,

Or he might even do an impression of you!


If you see him around be sure to say hi -

Trust me when I say he’s a really chill guy!



External Relations

Guess who’s ER in 2021?


He’s a barrel of laughs and lots of fun...

It’s Cesar – your No. 1 hype man!


Loves basketball and a true Lakers fan,

What else does he like I hear you ask?

Excuse me sir -  please put on your face mask,

Sorry about that back to the Big Man


Listen close ‘cos here’s the plan,

Boi loves anime and a good horror flick -

Bring that up and you’re sure to click! 

So, come say hi! For friendly is he -

Fineeee you’ve convinced me!




Now to talk about our boy Sam Tian,

I think he’s from San Juan? (He’s definitely not from San Juan, he’s Chinese)


Ok that was beyond dreadful but now let’s talk about all the amazing parts of our brand new IT exec! 


Let’s start off with his talents. Sam is so good at diabolo, if you’re lucky you might just see him do a solo!


He performs at the Lantern Festival each year, unless he’s chugging down a beer. (Ok he’s not an alcoholic don’t worry).


Another thing Sam is great at is golf,

In another life, he would’ve been named Rudolf.


We can see when it shows, namely because Asian flush will give him a bright red nose.


Last but not least he’s a cuber for life, I’m sure solving his 10x10 will really impress his future wife.

Fun fact he’s also been to Antarctica which I know for a fact not many people have done.


I guess that just means out of a million, Sam’s the one.

Anyways to celebrate all that rhyming go say hi to Sam. He’ll be happy to see you and you’ll walk away saying “That guy's so cool, goddamn".




Introducing our Marketing rep and favourite barista Nancy!

You need a coffee? Just head to Starbucks and she's got you covered with that 5-star customer service. 


She's an English major, so don't get into an argument with her - you'll lose for sure!


With her height, tall shelves are no biggie...


A hopeless romantic she is - always down to listen to 70's music. 


Nature is her haven, climate change is a big no-no!


If you like the Beatles, she'll talk with you for hours.


She's an East girl so catch her riding the 70 - always keen for a bus buddy!


So don't be afraid to say hi and ask her for help, she'll always welcome you with a smile :)




No, not the Aardvark

Nor sword-in-the-stone...

Arthur makes his mark through graphics he’s honed.


Our media man, a photoshop pro, on a compsys plan,

Just goes with the flow. 


Google calendar may be always full, but he will shoulder some time to play pool.


A for alcohol; too much tolerance.

Why is he like this, unstirred by substance...


He’ll sing you a song at karaoke so come on along for food and parties.


Catch him for a chat in plain black-and-white - or when reppin’ KAC in yellow we sight!



Social Cultural

Here’s a few things about Jesslyn, our Social Cultural rep...


Get ready and prepare to be swept! Being the pop head she is, she listens to a whole lot,. 

Anything to do with music, from podcasts to Kpop.


She does have favourites though: a Swiftie through and through,

Also we stan Loona – BTS, EXO, who?


At uni, she’s really into biology, Though that’s not the only thing you’ll see her studying...

Did I forget to mention she’s also taking psych? And along with that, she’s always keen for a hike!


Often you might find her in a Netflix binge,

Watching an episode of Dark or BoJack Horseman.

There’s much more to her, that’s something we can vouch,

Come to KAC events! There’s only one way to find out.



AESIR Representative / Secretary

Have you been searching near and far?

For the token halfie with pure charisma … aiya!


Let me stop you right there, no further shall you go

I present to you James and everything you’ll need to know!


He’s flipped burgers, he’s done coding and he’s even tutored kids...

Think you’ve seen him around? Probably at case competitions!


A 6ft tall commerce student with the brains to match his good looks,


You can’t miss our 2021 AESIR Rep, your conversations will leave you shook!


James, my man, he’s super fly He’ll show you how to party so don’t forget to hit him with an invite!


Have I convinced you yet that he’s a super cool guy? Catch him around at KAC, AESIR or uni and be sure to say hi!





Introducing our sports rep for 2021- Alysha!


She’s short, cute and knows how to party!


She’s also darn good at basketball so be nice or kiss those ankles good night!


Currently studying a quad major, she has the brains as well...


And when she is out with her friends, you’ll always see her at twelve ;)


Did I forget to mention she works out in the gym? Always out-lifting everyone - no wonder why she looks so slim!


So don’t be shy, go on and say hello! Ask her where she’s from, you will be in for a show!



The club was formed in 2001, with a membership of 150 members. Fast forward 20 years and the club now has over 1000 members!


Past executive teams: 

  • 2020

    • Jaeho So, Ruth Ha, Brandon Wong, Rebecca Hu,  Mikayla Sayat, Daniella Pereira, Jasica Chiu, Cody Liu, Cesar Estoconing

  • 2019

    • Michael Wu, Jonathon Xu, Job Faundo, Ruth Ha, Leanne Lee, Rebecca Hu, Shanti Truong-George, Jaeho So, Brandon Wong

  • 2018

    • Joshua Young, Leanne Lee, Shanti Truong-George, Michael Wu, Ashleigh Young, Job Faundo, Jonathon Xu, Jonathan Soulsby, Shino Ikeda​

  • 2017

    • Jonathan Soulsby, Guykit Lang, Ashleigh Young, Shino Ikeda, Cindy Qiu, Jonathon Xu, Joshua Young, Leanne Lee​

  • 2016

    • Guyhei Lang, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guykit Lang, Brenda Phu, Sandra Chan, Jonathan Soulsby​

  • 2015

    • Dennis Zhang, Maysie Chan, Val Ong, Leon Chan, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guyhei Lang​

  • 2014

    • Khwan Ong, Victor Yim, Cammy Leung, Maysie Chan, Guyhei Lang, Guyon Lang, Dennis Zhang​

  • 2013

    • Victor Yim, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Eugenia Ng, Khwan Ong, Horace Yeung, Cammy Leung​

  • 2012

    • Eugenia Ng, Seb Cheng, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Leon Shen, Gary Wang, Victor Yim​

  • 2011

    • Joni Lee, Josh Tan, Seb Cheng, Jeremy Tan, Eugenia Ng, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Tony Tung​

  • 2010

    • Josh Tan, Danny Chang, Tony Tung, Amy Jarm, Alice Chan, Yingyan Zhou, Joni Lee​

  • 2009

    • Winner Tian, Danny Chang, Josh Tan, Darren Poh, Kathryn Cho, Anzie Huynh, Allen Yip​

  • 2008

    • Tim Chung, Sang Lee, Marcus Chan, Danny Chang, Winner Tian, Kathryn Cho, Bettina Tran​

  • 2007

    • Suzanne Law, Tim Chung, Michael Ng, Paul Hy, Winner Tian, Sang Lee, Ben Limisella​

  • 2006

    • Kelvin Chu, Michael Ng, Suzanna Law, Logan Wong, Ben Limisella, Arielle Tai, Tim Chung​

  • 2005

    • Ngok Ung, Kelvin Chu, Mikee Sue, Ben Chiu, Suzanne Law, Ronald Navera​

  • 2004

    • Ken Ginn, Ngok Ung, Sarah Young, Gordon Tarm, Emily Chan, Kelvin Chu, Jenny Te​

  • 2003

    • Jason Kwan, Kelvin Chu, Emily Chan, Gordon Tarm, Jenny Te, Ken Ginn, Gordon Wong​

  • 2002

    • Wingki Ng, Janine Chung, Jason Kwan, Ken Ginn, Linda Louie, Rose Lee​

  • 2001

    • Gina Cheung, Jason Kwan, Janine Chung, Wingki Ng​