The Kiwi Asian Club is a club for everyone on and off campus!

KAC is a social, cultural, sporting and charitable club, with plenty of weekly events on during the year covering all these aspects. With weekly sports and cultural sessions and our main event on the weekends, we are one of the most active clubs at the University. Fast forward 15 years, and we have over 850 members!

The club hopes to foster long-lasting friendships and celebrate the cultural diversity among students in New Zealand. We provide the ultimate network of friends and welcome everybody of any social and cultural background. If you’ve only just joined KAC, don’t be worried! The club puts on team-based events for people to meet each other, and we have new members attending every week. Our old members will be more than happy to show you the ropes, and our friendly Exec team will help you along the way.

In 2012, KAC proudly won the awards for the AUSA General Club of the Year and the AUSA Supreme Club of the Year.






Introducing KAC's President for 2019: The marvellous, majestic and magical Michael!

This Engineering bad boy can fit so much wholesome vibes in it, with a fun sense of humour to boot.

Mike's an absolute unit when paired up with a mic, he knows the way to Wu your heart with his voice.

Spend some time with him and he'll whip out a pun - you'll be left in laughter, dabbing tears off your face!

Though silver in Leauge, he's got a heart of gold -

You'll easily find yourself building a wall of friendship with our our good ol' President of 2019!



Hey this is Jonno, your Treasurer here!

You might have seen him around, he’s been in KAC for years!

He’s a pro with the cards and he doesn’t need luck -

But be warned: if you play him, you might lose a buck!

He’ll make you laugh and he’s always down to have fun,

And if you ever need help - consider it done.

So come along to events, don’t be shy,

And if you see Jonno, make sure to say hi!



His name is Job and he's got a plan

To be the best designer man

Yes he's our media representative of this year

The guy who makes all the banners to be clear

He likes his Kingdom Hearts and his PS4 games

Watch him build his way to fame

So come along and see him here

At KAC stall, O week BBQ and everywhere!




Hey this is Ruth!

Ruth is not just your typical HALFie. She is WHOLEsome who has a mind unlike any other! Get to know her well enough and you will find out that with her system like mind, she would never wrongly miscode any information about you. Ruth is a well organised person who will make time for the people and things she loves. But most importantly, she’ll always make sure that you will receive our weekly emails to put a smile on your face.



Wowee it's Leanne!

She's so nice and wholesome, Leanne will no doubt make you feel welcome to KAC; no joke, her charm will always make you come back!

Get to know her a little better and she'll whip out her sass, but don't worry! It's all a joke and she's world-class!

She's in her third year as an exec, as well as her final year of Law, so while you still can - #walkwithleanne!


AESIR Representative

If there was an award for cutest KAC member REBECCA would be a top contender.
Studying education to be a teacher,
Look for the brightest star in the room, it’ll her.
Ask her about life, she’ll give you a metaphor,
Looking for her at a party? She’ll be on the dance floor.
Rebecca is KAC’s AESIR rep and secretary,
You’ll find her smiling and laughing even when unnecessary.



Although Shanti's a big fan of BTS, you'll never find her behind the scenes. She's quiet when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she's a singing-dancing star, shining brightly in your heart. Shanti loves snacking and learning languages. Talk to her to find out more about her wealth of knowledge and hobbies, ranging from DDR at the arcade and collecting huge arcade soft toys, to musicals like In the Heights!


AUT/ ER Representative

Introducing your ER exec Jaeho!

This Korean goon is very hard not to love

Whatever he says and does, he’ll always make you laugh.

Specialises in beatboxing, Yu-Gi-Oh and sleep

Play him in beer pong and he will go for a sweep

Go out with him - you'll have a lit time

Or hop onto Discord, he'll help you climb!

Come say hi to Jaeho So,

Sociable and funny, you can't say no!




KAC Presents: Brandon

Brandon will be your Marketing Exec this year!

Rarely see him without a cap,

Always having puns to crack.

Niche and nuanced clothing and brands,

Down to goon with Minecraft frands.

O so wholesome, O so kind,

Never stress, he'll help you unwind!



The club was formed in 2001, with a membership of 150 members. Fast forward 18 years, and the club now has over 1000 members.


Past executive teams: 

  • 2018

    • Joshua Young, Leanne Lee, Shanti Truong-George, Michael Wu, Ashleigh Young, Job Faundo, Jonathon Xu, Jonathan Soulsby, Shino Ikeda​

  • 2017

    • Jonathan Soulsby, Guykit Lang, Ashleigh Young, Shino Ikeda, Cindy Qiu, Jonathon Xu, Joshua Young, Leanne Lee​

  • 2016

    • Guyhei Lang, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guykit Lang, Brenda Phu, Sandra Chan, Jonathan Soulsby​

  • 2015

    • Dennis Zhang, Maysie Chan, Val Ong, Leon Chan, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guyhei Lang​

  • 2014

    • Khwan Ong, Victor Yim, Cammy Leung, Maysie Chan, Guyhei Lang, Guyon Lang, Dennis Zhang​

  • 2013

    • Victor Yim, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Eugenia Ng, Khwan Ong, Horace Yeung, Cammy Leung​

  • 2012

    • Eugenia Ng, Seb Cheng, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Leon Shen, Gary Wang, Victor Yim​

  • 2011

    • Joni Lee, Josh Tan, Seb Cheng, Jeremy Tan, Eugenia Ng, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Tony Tung​

  • 2010

    • Josh Tan, Danny Chang, Tony Tung, Amy Jarm, Alice Chan, Yingyan Zhou, Joni Lee​

  • 2009

    • Winner Tian, Danny Chang, Josh Tan, Darren Poh, Kathryn Cho, Anzie Huynh, Allen Yip​

  • 2008

    • Tim Chung, Sang Lee, Marcus Chan, Danny Chang, Winner Tian, Kathryn Cho, Bettina Tran​

  • 2007

    • Suzanne Law, Tim Chung, Michael Ng, Paul Hy, Winner Tian, Sang Lee, Ben Limisella​

  • 2006

    • Kelvin Chu, Michael Ng, Suzanna Law, Logan Wong, Ben Limisella, Arielle Tai, Tim Chung​

  • 2005

    • Ngok Ung, Kelvin Chu, Mikee Sue, Ben Chiu, Suzanne Law, Ronald Navera​

  • 2004

    • Ken Ginn, Ngok Ung, Sarah Young, Gordon Tarm, Emily Chan, Kelvin Chu, Jenny Te​

  • 2003

    • Jason Kwan, Kelvin Chu, Emily Chan, Gordon Tarm, Jenny Te, Ken Ginn, Gordon Wong​

  • 2002

    • Wingki Ng, Janine Chung, Jason Kwan, Ken Ginn, Linda Louie, Rose Lee​

  • 2001

    • Gina Cheung, Jason Kwan, Janine Chung, Wingki Ng​



University of Auckland, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand



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